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Simon Bennett is going to climb Mount Everest

(in his garage at home)

Simon says -

Hi, my name is Simon Bennett and this year I'm going to climb Mount Everest !

Simon Bennett
I'm a husband, father and animal lover living in Rural Yorkshire. As a bit of background, I'm 6ft 4 tall, 18 stone average guywho likes to try and keep fit.
I have an office job working as an architect for WR Dunn and as a result spend most of my days sat down behind a computer screen.

To help to cope with our current situation of lockdown I have built a make-shift gym in my garage. Exercise has helped with both mental and physical wellbeing over these difficult times.

This year to stay focused I need a challenge. Mountains have always been a passion and none is more impressive than Everest or in the Tibetan language, Chomolungma ( ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ ) which means "Mother Goddess of the World."

In 2016 Ross Edgley climbed the 8,849m height using a 10m rope in 24hrs. There is no way I can do this!
So my challenge is to climb the height of Mt Everest 8,849m using my pull up bar in my garage!

Tape measure in hand I measured that each pull up I do results in a 0.6m gain in height. So with a bit of basic math - I need to do 14,749 pull ups.

At the start of January 10 pull ups at a time was my maximum so a realistic goal had to be set.
I have set the goal of achieving this within the year.

This means a minimum of 42 pull ups every day for the rest of the year ( I started on 8th Jan )
So far on 20th January my total is 560 or 336m.

To sponsor Simon and help Border Collie Rescue, the following options are available -

Sponsor on line using a credit or debit card here - Everest Appeal
Use this link to donate to Simon's Everest page and not the 'Please Donate' link above!

If you know Simon you can give him something yourself
(But not until the lockdown has finished and even then under Covid safe conditions)

Make a donation through your bank to Border Collie Rescue's bank account.
Use the reference 'Everest' so we know what the donation is for.
You can use our standing order form (a single donation can be made using the form) or donate using the BACS system.
BACS Payments
Payee - Border Collie Rescue Central Fund
Account Number - 91589504
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Bankers - HSBC Bank 23 Market Place, Richmond, North Yorkshire. DL10 4QQ

Send a cheque or money order made out to Border Collie Rescue to -
The Treasurer
Border Collie Rescue
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Enclose a note with the donation or write 'Everest' on the back of the cheque

 When restrictions end and we are able to get out to events with stalls, come and see us and donate directly.

For more information about this event, please read on below and follow progress through the links to the left.

Why am I raising funds for Border Collie Rescue?

Pull up

As a focus and a purpose to my challenge I wanted to have a motive, a cause, a charity to promote and hopefully raise awareness of their work and funds for their cause.
Throughout this pandemic we rely on each other for support but we also rely on animals, our pets.

For some it is their pets that are getting them though this crisis. They give us so much, I wanted to give something back.

Through a fellow dog walker I learned about the fantastic work that Border Collie Rescue do and immediately decided that I would like to try and help. It is so upsetting to even think that such beautiful, caring and loving animals require rescue.

I am hopeful that by my small efforts I can at least raise awareness of Border Collie Rescue's work and their cause and that this, in turn, could do something to help the dogs and hopefully educate people at the same time.

Through this webpage there is a link to a page on The Charities Aid Foundation website where sponsorship donations can be made using a debit or credit card.

For those who would prefer another method there is information in the box above.

Follow me through my adventure as I update my progress to my goal on these pages here.
I have also created an Instagram account named - Everest_by_pullup - where I will also put updates as I proceed.

As of 4th July 2021, Simon has completed his challenge with 14,749 pull ups.
Each pull up added together being the full height of Mount Everest - 8,849 meters.
Congratulations Simon. Please recognise his efforts and make a donation as below

Here's Simon giving a short video demonstration of how it works

Click to download and play video

Progress in stages!

To make things a bit more interesting I have set some goals along the way.
These targets are based on the heights of a number of peaks around the world, each higher than the last.

Whernside - 728m -Highest peak in Yorkshire
Scafell Pike - 978m - England
Snowdon - 1085m - Wales
Ben Nevis - 1,347m - Scotland
Mt Kosciuszko - 2,228m - Australia
Mt Olympus - 2,919m - Greece ( home of the gods )
The Eiger - Switzerland - 3,967m
Puncak Jaya (Carstensz Pyramid) - 4,884m - Indonesia
Vinson Massif - 4,892m - Antarctica
Mt Elbrus - 5,642m - Karbadino-Balkaria
Mt Kilimanjaro - 5,895m - Tanzania
EVEREST CAMP ONE - Khumbu Icefall - 6,100m
Mt Denali - 6,190m - Alaska
EVEREST CAMP TWO - Lhotse Face - 6,400m
Aconcagua - 6,959m - Argentina
EVEREST CAMP THREE - Small Ledge on Lhotse - 7470m
EVEREST CAMP FOUR - South Col - 7920m
EVEREST - 8,849m

Made it to the top! 4/6/2021

Please support, share and help.
See you along the way and at the top.